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Should You Hire a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer?

date iconJanuary 3, 2023

By their very definition, accidents are unpredictable. But a slip and fall accident can bring about injuries that are disorienting, distressing, and painful – and in severe cases, much worse than one would expect. With accidents like these, it’s common to feel confused, numb, and embarrassed, which may make you feel like you shouldn’t seek representation from a personal injury lawyer. However, if you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, consulting and hiring a slip and fall lawyer should be the first thing you do.

The Role of A Slip and Fall Lawyer – Piecing It Together

The role of a slip and fall lawyer is to help reconstruct the scene to figure out specifics about the accident. They will ask you, and possible witnesses, questions about the scene conditions and the circumstances around the accident to get to the bottom of what happened. Common reasons why someone may slip and fall include:

  • Missing a step and falling.
  • Slipping on an object in the way that is partially hidden.
  • Reaching for a handrail that isn’t there and losing balance.
  • Losing balance due to varying heights between steps (riser height).

A slip and fall injury lawyer can help you figure out what happened and if the person whose property you were on is responsible. They will look at the scene and talk to you about all the possibilities before helping determine who is at fault. If, for example, you tripped over your own shoelace and fell down some stairs, then the owner of the premises isn’t legally responsible. But if the riser height between steps wasn’t equal, then the property owner could be liable.

How An Attorney Can Help You After a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall injury lawyer is going to have the experience and expertise to navigate your accident, understand your claim, and help navigate the complex legal system on your behalf. Beyond helping you understand your rights as an injured person, they can assist you in a variety of ways. Here is how a slip and fall injury lawyer can help you and why you seek their assistance:

1. Determining Fault

Determining who is at fault is a large undertaking in slip and fall cases, as the accident only involves one party, making it unclear as to who is liable – the victim or the property owner. An injury lawyer is going to look at the surrounding environment and circumstances to see what the catalyst was for the fall (dangerous conditions), and then gather evidence to help prepare a case for claim.

2. Dealing With Insurance Companies

When going up against a business or property owner, you’re also going up against their insurance company. An insurance company may try to delay, deny, or even underpay your claim. A lawyer will have years of experience in dealing with insurance company tactics, and can help open up the communication channels needed to negotiate for a fair settlement.

3. Proving Liability

A slip and fall injury lawyer can help you prove liability in order to pursue a claim. This means that you must prove that the defendant (at-fault business or property owner) was negligent. To be considered liable for your accident, their negligence must have played a part in causing your injury. An injury lawyer will be able to reconstruct the scene to determine if the conditions were dangerous, and if the owner did not do their duty in warning about any latent dangers to the public. Some common dangers include:

  1. Wet landings with no signage.
  2. Poor signage/small signage in hard to see areas.
  3. Uneven surfaces like flooring or tiling.
  4. Open wiring that dangles from holes not filled in.
  5. Lack of handrails in stairwells or proper barriers on rooftops.

If an owner fails to correct dangers and does not uphold the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment, and this can be proved that this negligence contributed to your slip and fall accident, then they can be held liable.

4. Proving Damages & Obtaining Compensation

In addition to their role of reconstructing the scene and asking questions about the circumstances around the accident, a good slip and fall injury lawyer can also help you obtain compensation for your injuries by working with experts to determine the extent of your injuries, and calculate the value of damage done to you. This is done by using the documents gathered during evidence collection, (employer pay records, tax forms/returns, medical records, scene photographs, witness statements), and are used to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf.

Looking for legal help after a slip and fall accident? Contact the team at Personal Injury of Florida today to speak with an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer. With years of experience helping victims like you get the compensation they deserve, we are here to help you navigate the legal system and work towards a favorable outcome for your case. Don’t hesitate – get in touch today to learn more about how we can assist you!