Caution wet floor sign to prevent Slip and Falls.

Slip and Falls: The Burden is on You!

date iconMarch 19, 2018

Aside from automobile accidents, slip and falls are the most common source of personal injuries. Did you know that a recent change in Florida law now places the burden on the injured party to identify the substance that caused them to fall? So, while most people are not just in pain and embarrassed having just fallen usually in a public place in full view of spectators, the law now requires them to determine the substance that caused them to fall and most likely, its origin.

slip and fall injury

One can easily see the problem this presents the average citizen.  The only way to combat this is to be educated on the necessary steps to take to help ensure a successful recovery.  Here is a simple checklist to remember:

  • Look and see what caused you to fall;
  • Take a pictures;
  • Take down the name and telephone number of any witnesses;
  • Fill out an incident report and obtain a copy before leaving store;
  • Take down the name of any employees you speak to;
  • Record the name of the manager of the store;
  • Ask if any video cameras were pointed in the direction of your fall.

After composing oneself, try to remember any of the above tips.  You do not need to obtain each and every one of the items listed, but any one of them will help in the recovery process. Do not assume that the business will do “the right thing” and compensate you for your injuries.  More often than not, they will fight you tooth and nail. Do not let these places of business victimize you twice. Remember, to contact a Palm Beach Gardens injury attorney as soon as possible. It could make a difference in your recovery.