Personal Counsel

Palm Beach Gardens Lawyers

There are several situations one might find themselves in where the presence of legal counsel is desired. To most average Americans, the cost of hiring an attorney at an hourly fee is cost prohibitive. Therefore, at Personal Injury of Florida, we have developed affordable flat rate personal counsel plans. Situations where personal counsel may be useful are when:

  • You have been subpoenaed to a deposition as a witness;
  • You have been served with a subrogation lawsuit;
  • You have been served with a personal injury lawsuit, and you would like counsel to advise you of your rights when dealing with the attorney hired by your insurance company;
  • Your insurance company is refusing to follow your instructions;
  • Your child has been suspended or expelled from school;
  • You need to file an injunction against someone else;
  • You need to locate someone;
  • You need someone to negotiate on your behalf;
  • You need a Release reviewed prior to signing it;
  • You want to remain anonymous in a transaction; or
  • When you have a general legal question or issue you desire insight on.

If you have a situation that you believe will benefit from the aid of counsel, call us to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.