Medical Malpractice

Florida Birth Injury Claims, Lawyers, and Settlements – The Complete Guide

Facing the reality of your child having a birth injury is nothing short of overwhelming as a parent. Birth injuries can have devastating consequences both for the child, and the family that can result in lifelong medical expenses and emotional distress.

Nerve Damage After A Dentist in Florida – Can You Sue?

A trip to the dentist is usually routine and uneventful, but what if something goes wrong, and you walk away with nerve damage

Medical Malpractice and Class Action: What You Should Know

Thousands of cases would flood the courts if it wasn’t for class action suits. The courts save time, lawyers have an easier time and the plaintiffs get the results they want. Here are the basic details to know about medical malpractice and class action suits. Medical Malpractice Medical malpractice is the intentional or accidental negligence of professional duties from a medical professional. The result is an injury or death that afflicts the patient and his or her family. Civil or criminal charges may be filed against.. [Read More…]