Medical Malpractice and Class Action: What You Should Know

sad relative and medical staffThousands of cases would flood the courts if it wasn’t for class action suits. The courts save time, lawyers have an easier time and the plaintiffs get the results they want. Here are the basic details to know about medical malpractice and class action suits.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the intentional or accidental negligence of professional duties from a medical professional. The result is an injury or death that afflicts the patient and his or her family. Civil or criminal charges may be filed against the doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional who is found liable. To avoid paying the full expenses of lawsuits, many professionals obtain medical malpractice insurance.

Class Action

Class action is a group lawsuit that involves a large number of claimants and their attorneys. If many people have been negatively affected by the actions of one medical provider, they can hire a Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer and file a collective lawsuit together instead of filing dozens of identical cases in court. The amount of compensation that are awarded to plaintiffs can vary from over $10,000 to over $100 million.

In a medical malpractice class action suit, one or more plaintiffs files a claim on behalf of a much larger group of people. The main concern must affect every member of the group. Filing a class action suit with the help of Palm Beach Gardens personal injury attorneys is easier and more effective. Individual cases are less likely to win in court.

Medical malpractice happens regardless of a professional’s years of experience and reputation. A class action lawsuit is recommended when many people have been damaged by professional negligence from the same doctor, hospital, nurse, clinic or other medical provider. A collective complaint is more powerful than one case that is filed by a single person who can barely afford a lawyer. Personal Injury of Florida has a list of qualified South Florida personal injury attorneys who are ready to work for you.