Car and money - will insurance rates increase following a accident claim

Will Insurance Rates Increase Following Car Accident Claim?

date iconFebruary 7, 2020

insurance rate of car accident

At the time of a motor vehicle accident, there are a number of factors to consider. The first is whether you have sustained any personal injuries and if you require medical attention. Second if the condition of your vehicle – can it be driven or does it need to be towed?

Parties routinely engage in a discussion as to whether they should report the claim to their insurance carrier or handle the matter privately. This is a mistake and you should never fail to report an accident to your insurance carrier for any reason. Your insurance policy contains a provision that states if you fail to report an accident, it is considered a material breach of contract, and the entire policy of insurance can be voided.

Unless You Are Substantially At Fault

The main motivation parties have in trying to avoid filing a claim is that they fear their insurance rates will increase. Florida statute claims are Florida Statutes 626.9541(1)(o) answers this question quite capably, stating that an insurance carrier cannot increase your premium unless you were substantially at fault for the accident.

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