Tractor trailer accident case

Why a Lawyer Is Helpful Through a Tractor Trailer Accident Case

date iconJuly 31, 2020

tractor trailer accident

Any accident can result in severe injuries. However, unlike a smaller vehicle, a tractor-trailer accident can give rise to fatal or near-fatal injuries. Therefore, in the event, you are involved in such an accident. Here are some of the very first steps to take:

Immediate medical help

Some injuries sustained from a tractor-trailer accident are dependent on how fast you get to the hospital. Before even thinking about calling your lawyer or insurance company, first, get treated for injuries sustained.

Call the police

Police play a vital role in documenting an accident. Leaving the scene of the accident can result in criminal charges. If you have not sustained any injuries but just material damage, wait for the police to come.

Call an attorney

In the event, you are unable to take photos of the accident scene, contact our law office at the Personal Injury of Florida for help with taking traffic cam footage. Working with the best West Palm Beach accident attorneys will not only help at the scene of the accident but also in any subsequent legal steps you might take.

Why tractor-trailer accident cases are different from car accident cases

Establishing the negligent party in a tractor-trailer accident is not easy, and that is why you require the help of accident attorneys in West Palm Beach. Scientific and engineering principles often have to be put into consideration when assessing negligence. Tractor-trailer accidents might have more than just one party being held liable for the occurrence of an accident. Subsequently, commercial laws do not obligate trucking companies to retain records of their drivers after a certain period of time.

Therefore, the level of due diligence you exercise after an accident is what will determine whether you get a hold of the driver’s details. Retaining the best accident lawyers West Palm Beach will ensure you have an experienced legal team on board.