A warning label on a product can help you with product liability accidents

Failure to Warn and Product Liability

date iconSeptember 18, 2020

Product liability cases involve a broad range of products that manufacturers provide to the masses. A personal injury attorney in Palm Beach Gardens can help you if you have been injured or become ill because of a particular product. That product may include a beauty cream, medication, toy, piece of equipment or something else. There are many reasons that the court might find the manufacturer liable to compensate you for your injuries. One reason is failure to warn. Here’s some information about failure to warn and what it means for your product liability case.

What Is Failure to Warn?

Manufacturers are responsible for looking out for the health and well-being of the people who buy their products.

A product warning label

Therefore, a manufacturer must warn potential customers of any risks of using their products or any harmful elements those products might contain. Two perfect examples are a choking risk and an ingredient that can cause cancer.

The law obligates the manufacturer to make the risks known to the public. Usually, they do this by placing the information on the label or the packaging. In some cases, the warnings are inside of the user’s manual. Such manufacturers may be obligated to pay injured consumers monetary compensation if the warning data is missing, and consumers get hurt or fall ill because of it. South Florida personal injury attorneys specialize in product liability cases, and Palm Beach Gardens personal injury attorneys love to see their clients win.

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