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A Quick Guide to Stopping Safely on the Highway

date iconAugust 21, 2020

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The significant volume of traffic often seen coupled with the potentially excessive speeds vehicles travel at while engaging in highway driving might render stopping more challenging than during normal conditions. Personal Injury of Florida, a firm composed of Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawyers, requests frequent highway motorists read the following short blog offering tips regarding proper stoppage techniques.

Normal Driving Conditions

Avoid Tailgating

Safe stoppage on the highway necessitates a motorist to have enough space between their vehicle and other traffic. Tailgating or remaining too close to other automobiles leaves little room to stop short and could precipitate rear-end collisions.

Do Not Slam On Brakes

Granted, unexpected circumstances might necessitate a driver to forcefully apply their breaks to avoid potential untoward incidents. That said, under typical highway conditions, stoppages should be executed employing gradual braking techniques.

In The Event Of Emergency

There may be times a motorist encounters emergencies or other circumstances necessitating they reach a complete stop. When such events emerge, an accident attorney Palm Beach Gardens Florida encourages drivers practice the following tips:

Ease Off The Accelerator

Braking too quickly will cause the vehicle in question to potentially stop short, which could precipitate an accident. Rather, drivers should ease off the accelerator. This will bring about a progressive but safe speed reduction.

Pull Onto The Roadway’s Shoulders

Naturally, reaching a complete stop in the middle of a highway poses a serious danger to other motorists. Therefore, drivers must not fully stop until safely securing their vehicle on the highway in question’s shoulder.

Signal To Other Motorists

Prior to maneuvering onto the shoulder, drivers are firmly urged to signal to denote that they intend to shift onto the shoulder.

Enter The Right Lane

Gradual stoppage should be initiated in the right lane. Oftentimes, this space accommodates the slower traffic.

Contacting Us

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