Claims for commercial truck accidents.

Who To Make a Claim Against in a Commercial Truck Accident?

date iconMay 22, 2020

commercial truck accident

When you are driving on local roads or busy highways and freeways, you trust the commercial drivers around you to obey traffic rules. You do not expect them to cause a serious accident that can result in injuries or death.

However, commercial trucks cause tens of thousands of accidents throughout the country, many of which result in people being injured or killed. When you have been involved in a commercial truck accident, you have rights as the victim. You can exercise those rights by retaining one of the trucking accident lawyers in Palm Beach Garden to take action against the rightful party for your case involving personal injury of Florida.

Suing the Driver’s Insurer

If the driver is an independent contractor and does not drive for a specific employer, you could sue him or her for your damages. Your lawyer can file a claim against that driver’s insurance company that insurers his or her truck. The insurer would then need to cover your accident-related costs, such as your lost wages or salary as well as your medical and repair bills.

Suing the Hauling Company

If the driver does drive for a specific employer, you could file suit against his or her hauling company. The company has the legal obligation of ensuring the safety and training of all of its driving staff. It is legally liable to cover your damages if one of its drivers causes an accident.

Chances are that the insurer or hauling company will refute your claims and say that you caused the accident. It even has its own legal team to counter your claim and deny your suit.

The trucking accident lawyers in Palm Beach Garden have the experience and knowledge to go up against that legal team. They can also negotiate the maximum settlement for personal injuries in Florida.