An accident with a government employee

In An Accident With A Government Employee? What A Claim Will Look Like

date iconApril 10, 2020

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When you file a personal injury lawsuit against an individual in the private sector, the process is somewhat cut and dry. However, when a claim is filed against a government employee, the process becomes much different. While it is possible to have a successful personal injury lawsuit in these situations, it is crucial certain steps and procedures be followed in a timely manner. Otherwise, you may find yourself out of luck when seeking compensation. If you need advice on how to proceed, speak with Palm Beach Garden personal injury lawyers at Personal Injury of Florida.

Government Immunity Statute

In many localities, city and government entities hide behind what is known as the government immunity statute, meaning they cannot be sued except in limited cases or for limited amounts. As a result, many people who are involved in accidents with city employees believe they have little if any recourse. However, that is not true. To learn how to navigate around a government immunity statute, turn to Palm Beach Garden personal injury lawyers at Personal Injury of Florida.

Meeting Deadlines

When you file a claim against a government employee, it will be crucial you meet certain guidelines pertaining to your lawsuit. In most instances, you will have burdensome requirements that must be met before you can pursue a claim. However, since the government entity is likely to dispute any timelines and claim you have failed to follow various procedures, you should never try to handle these discussions on your own. Instead, turn to experienced Palm Beach Garden personal injury lawyers for assistance.

Since you deserve maximum compensation for your damages, do not let a government entity intimidate you into not pursuing your personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, schedule your consultation immediately with attorneys at Personal Injury of Florida who will fight hard for you each step of the way.