An injured passenger wondering if they can get compensated

I Was Injured As a Passenger, Can I Get Compensated?

date iconMay 15, 2020

passenger injured in car accident

When you ride in the vehicle of a relative or friend, you do not expect to be in a wreck and get hurt. However, thousands of car accidents occur everyday in the U.S. You could find yourself suffering from extensive injuries that can rob you of your ability to work and take a toll on your finances.

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Filing against the Liable Party

Before any legal action can be filed, your lawyer needs to find out which party is liable for your damages. If your friend or loved one caused the wreck, he or she has the legal responsibility to compensate you for your pain, injuries, and lost income.

Your lawyer can find out what insurer the driver uses and then file a prompt claim on your behalf. The insurer then must respond by either paying your demanded damages or contesting the claim in court. Either way, your attorney will protect your best interests and act as your intermediary so that you do not have to contact the insurer yourself.

If your friend or loved one was hit by another driver, the other driver is the liable party who must compensate you. Your lawyer has the legal reach to contact the person’s insurer and even file a lawsuit if the insurer refuses to pay your claim. You could be awarded a significant judgment or settlement to compensate you for the injuries, pain, and suffering that you had to endure in the accident’s aftermath.

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