Car accidents without insurance.

Get in an Accident Without Insurance? Contact a Lawyer

date iconMarch 20, 2020

getting in an accident without insurance

The occurrence of an accident is stressful and creates the need to reach out to insurance companies and, typically, auto repair companies. The parties involved in an accident have to follow a number of steps to ensure that the accident is properly reported and that the person at-fault is held responsible. But, what happens when one of the people involved doesn’t have insurance coverage? Depending on your role in the incident, you may have to consider other options when insurance is lacking. Personal injury lawyers in Palm Beach Gardens can help you based on your position in the accident. The realm of accidents and compensation is complex, but an attorney from Personal Injury of Florida can assist you in this matter.

Accidents and Insurance

In the state of Florida, when an accident occurs and the person at-fault doesn’t have insurance, they risk losing their driver’s license, license plate, and vehicle registration. If an injury occurs, that person can be liable for compensating the injured party out-of-pocket given that they don’t have insurance coverage. In addition, a proper investigation is necessary as insurance coverage can be determined through other sources beyond the at-fault party.

If you are involved in an accident, it is important to have an attorney on your side. Personal injury lawyers in Palm Beach Gardens will work in your best interest and represent your rights. An attorney can also explain how the law will dictate the outcome of the incident and what will be required of you, despite your role in the accident.

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