Auto Accidents

A Quick Guide to Stopping Safely on the Highway

The significant volume of traffic often seen coupled with the potentially excessive speeds vehicles travel at while engaging in highway driving might render stopping more challenging than during normal conditions. Personal Injury of Florida, a firm composed of Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawyers, requests frequent highway motorists read the following short blog offering tips regarding proper stoppage techniques. Normal Driving Conditions Avoid Tailgating Safe stoppage on the highway necessitates a motorist to have enough space between their vehicle and other traffic. Tailgating or remaining too.. [Read More…]

Who To Make a Claim Against in a Commercial Truck Accident?

When you are driving on local roads or busy highways and freeways, you trust the commercial drivers around you to obey traffic rules. You do not expect them to cause a serious accident that can result in injuries or death. However, commercial trucks cause tens of thousands of accidents throughout the country, many of which result in people being injured or killed. When you have been involved in a commercial truck accident, you have rights as the victim. You can exercise those rights by retaining one.. [Read More…]

I Was Injured As a Passenger, Can I Get Compensated?

When you ride in the vehicle of a relative or friend, you do not expect to be in a wreck and get hurt. However, thousands of car accidents occur everyday in the U.S. You could find yourself suffering from extensive injuries that can rob you of your ability to work and take a toll on your finances. At Personal Injury of Florida, one of our injury attorneys in Palm Beach Garden FL can file legal action on your behalf and make sure that you are fairly.. [Read More…]

How To Avoid Springtime Car Accidents

With the arrival of springtime, people are eager to get behind the wheel of their vehicle and hit the road to vacation destinations or other places. Unfortunately, many people do so while failing to obey the rules of the road, leading to numerous accidents. When you are involved in such an accident, you will likely be seriously injured and find yourself facing a stream of large medical bills and an extended layoff from work. If you want to avoid this, do everything possible to steer clear.. [Read More…]

How to File a Compensation Claim After an Accident

You are a safe and conscientious driver. However, not everyone is so careful. If you have been hit by another driver, then there will be damage to your car. You may also have to pay medical expenses if you were hospitalized for any amount of time. Depending on the nature and cause of the accident, you may need to rely on your insurance policy. You will certainly need the help of your insurance if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. Insurance companies are meant to.. [Read More…]

Multi-Car Pileup: Who Is Responsible For Injuries You Sustained?

When you are driving down the road and suddenly find yourself involved in a multi-car pileup, you will be shaken. Along with the injuries you have suffered and having a car that will need to be repaired or replaced, you will feel bewildered when trying to figure out who was at fault and who will be responsible for paying you for your damages. While this sounds like an impossible task, it is not. To learn how to manage these difficult situations and come out with the.. [Read More…]

In An Accident With A Government Employee? What A Claim Will Look Like

When you file a personal injury lawsuit against an individual in the private sector, the process is somewhat cut and dry. However, when a claim is filed against a government employee, the process becomes much different. While it is possible to have a successful personal injury lawsuit in these situations, it is crucial certain steps and procedures be followed in a timely manner. Otherwise, you may find yourself out of luck when seeking compensation. If you need advice on how to proceed, speak with Palm Beach.. [Read More…]

Can Car Accident Claims Be Filed Completely Electronically?

You drive every day, and every day you understand the risks that come with it. You take the precautions necessary to prevent an accident, but that is not always enough. A car accident can cause serious disruption to your life. You will have to take your vehicle in for repairs. And if the accident is serious enough, then you may need to stay for some time in the hospital. All this costs money. You may be forced to pay for it all if the person who.. [Read More…]

When to Discuss a Property Damage Claim with an Attorney

Property damage claims are typically associated with personal injury motor vehicle accident cases. Attorneys typically do not handle property damage cases unless there is a personal injury element to the matter. This is because property damage cases often are not worth more than a few thousand dollars and clients do not have the funds to retain an attorney to handle the matter. Such cases are typically handled in lower courts such as small claims court if a trial is necessary. However, if there is a personal.. [Read More…]

Get in an Accident Without Insurance? Contact a Lawyer

The occurrence of an accident is stressful and creates the need to reach out to insurance companies and, typically, auto repair companies. The parties involved in an accident have to follow a number of steps to ensure that the accident is properly reported and that the person at-fault is held responsible. But, what happens when one of the people involved doesn’t have insurance coverage? Depending on your role in the incident, you may have to consider other options when insurance is lacking. Personal injury lawyers in.. [Read More…]