Two motorcycles share a lane in Florida

Can Two Motorcycles Share a Lane in Florida?

date iconAugust 14, 2020

man riding a motorcycle on the road

People who experience a motorcycle accident can suffer serious personal injuries. It has been reported that 12% of those people are left with disabilities. In the U.S. out of all motorcycle accidents, about 8% end up in serious bodily harm to those involved. It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention, even if it seems like the accident was small. Working with a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney will help you follow the proper steps after a crash.

In Florida, the weather allows for many outdoor activities, one of them being motorcycle riding. Let’s take a look at two particular situations in which motorcycles are involved: lane splitting and lane sharing.

Preventing Serious Injury While Riding

A rider can prevent detrimental injuries by taking simple precautions. For starters, wearing helmets and protective gear make a huge difference in the extent of the injuries.

Other things to consider are avoiding unsafe road conditions and weather, driving defensively, and doing regular maintenance of your motorcycle.

Respecting the rules of the road is an important factor that can prevent accidents. Let’s take a look below at two situations common for motorcycles.

Lane Splitting in Florida is Dangerous and Illegal

In the state of Florida, lane splitting is illegal. This is when a motorcycle cuts in between lanes, usually when cars are at a stop or going very slow. However, in some extreme cases, it has been done going at high speeds on the highway. It is a very dangerous maneuver and it startles other drivers which can potentially get scared and swerve causing other accidents. This is a common cause of personal injury in Florida.

Lane Sharing in Florida is Allowed

A very different type of scenario is when two motorcycles ride together side by side while sharing one lane. This is completely acceptable and does not pose any particular danger unless the riders are not driving conservatively.

What Can You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

It is important to know that West Palm Beach accident attorneys are ready to help you after suffering an accident. We hold personal injury cases in high priority. We understand the difficulty of the situation and the debilitating consequences of motorcycle crashes and their long-term effects.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, call a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach at Personal Injury of Florida for a case evaluation and free consultation.